Article 2 of Protocol No. 1 - Right to education

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Cases selected for updating the Case-Law Guide.

Valiullina and Truši v. Latvia, nos. 56928/19 and 2 others


Legislative amendments increasing the proportion of subjects taught in the State language, that is Latvian, and thus reducing the use of Russian, as the language of instruction in public schools.
Judgment | Legal Summary

T.H. v. Bulgaria, no. 46519/20


Primary school’s response to aggressive and disruptive behaviour of a child with developmental disorder.
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Szolcsán v. Hungary, no. 24408/16


Segregation of a Roma pupil in a primary school.

Telek and Others v. Türkiye, nos. 66763/17 and 2 others


Impossibility to conduct doctoral studies abroad due to arbitrary cancellation of the applicants’ passports. Applicability and merits.
JudgmentLegal Summary

Elmazova and Others v. North Macedonia, nos. 11811/20 and 13550/20


Discrimination of Roma pupils on account of their segregation in two State-run primary schools attended predominantly by Roma children and with Roma-only classes respectively.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Moraru v. Romania, no. 64480/19


Discrimination on grounds of height and weight to study military medecine.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Abdi Ibrahim v. Norway [GC], no. 15379/16


Applicability issue in the context of the removal of a child from his biological parent and placement with foster parents.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Uzun v. Turkey (dec.), no. 37866/18


Ban on a detainee suspected of terrorism from taking university exams during state of emergency.
Decision | Legal Summary

Perovy v. Russia, no. 47429/09


Mere presence of seven-year-old child at one-off short religious ceremony in municipal school, without indoctrination aims.
Judgment | Legal Summary

G.L. v. Italy, no. 59751/15


Inability for autistic child to receive specialised learning support to which she was entitled by law, in first two years of primary school.
Judgment | Legal Summary

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