Article 2 of Protocol No. 4 - Freedom of movement

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Domenjoud v. France, nos. 34749/16 and 79607/17


Preventive home-curfew order – issued under state-of-emergency legislation following terrorist attacks – against applicants suspected of participation in violent actions during an international summit on climate change.
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Dedu v. Romania (dec.), no. 56397/15


Limitation of movement imposed on a senior secret service officer following a disciplinary finding based on secret regulations.

Lypovchenko and Halabudenco v. the Republic of Moldova and Russia, nos. 40926/16 and 73942/17


Interference with the freedom to return to the "Moldovan Republic of Transnistria" (MRT) on the basis of an unlawful search-and-arrest warrant issued by a de facto "MRT" court.

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