Article 1 - ​Obligation to respect human rights

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Georgia v. Russia (IV) (dec.), no. 39611/18


Jurisdiction of Russia over Abkhazia and South Ossetia in relation to alleged administrative practices against ethnic Georgians stemming from a “borderisation” process.

Mamasakhlisi and Others v. Georgia and Russia, nos. 29999/04 and 41424/04


​Jurisdiction of Russia and Georgia over Abkhazia prior to the armed conflict of 2008.

Ukraine and the Netherlands v. Russia (dec.) [GC], nos. 8019/16 and 2 others


Exclusion of jurisdiction and active phase of hostilities.
Decision | Legal Summary

H.F. and Others v. France [GC], nos. 24384/19 and 44234/20


Refusal to repatriate nationals held in camps in Syria.
Judgment | Legal Summary

A.A. and Others v. North Macedonia, nos. 55798/16 and 4 others


Large groups of refugees crossing the land border unlawfully.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Toledo Polo v. Spain (dec.), no. 39691/18


Death of Spanish soldier, killed during UN peace-keeping mission by Israeli artillery in Lebanon. 
DecisionLegal Summary

Bekoyeva and Others v. Georgia (dec.), nos. 48347/08 and 3 others


Jurisdiction of Georgia in South Ossetia during active phase of hostilities.  

Shavlokhova and Others v. Georgia (dec.), nos. 45431/08 and 4 others


Jurisdiction of Georgia in South Ossetia during active phase of hostilities.  
Decision | Legal Summary

Carter v. Russia, no. 20914/07


Poisoning and assassination of a Russian and British national in the United Kingdom by persons acting as agents of Russia.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Brandão Freitas Lobato v. Portugal (dec.), no. 14296/14


Seconded judges to courts outside the national territory.
Decision | Legal Summary

Hanan v. Germany [GC], no. 4871/16


Jurisdictional link engaging the obligation to investigate civilian deaths due to an airstrike occurring during active hostilities in extraterritorial armed conflict.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Veronica Ciobanu v. the Republic of Moldova, no. 69829/11


Minor in summer camp abroad under the control and authority of officials mandated by the Moldovan Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Georgia v. Russia (II) [GC], no. 38263/08


"Jurisdiction" during the active phase of hostilities of an armed conflict and during the occupation phase after their cessation.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Ukraine v. Russia (re Crimea) (dec.) [GC], nos. 20958/14 and 38334/18


Jurisdiction of a State (Russia over Crimea) in an inter-State application (Article 33).
Decision | Legal Summary

M.K. and Others v. Poland, nos. 40503/17 and 2 others


Decisions to refuse entry into the territory issued by the border authorities at the border checkpoints.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Makuchyan and Minasyan v. Azerbaijan and Hungary, no. 17247/13


Crime and conviction in another member State but transfer to serve the remainder of the prison sentence in home country in line with the Council of Europe’s Transfer Convention.
Judgment | Legal Summary

M.N. and Others v. Belgium (dec.) [GC], no. 3599/18


Refusal to grant visa applications submitted to an embassy in a non-member State by Syrian nationals on the basis of a risk of ill-treatment.
Decision | Legal Summary  

N.D. and N.T. v. Spain [GC], nos. 8675/15 and 8697/15


Jurisdiction of the State in the context of migratory flows at borders.
Judgment | Legal Summary 

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