Mass protests

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The Case-Law Guide provides an overview of Convention case-law on this Transversal Theme.
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Transversal Theme Updates

Cases selected for updating the Case-Law Guide.

Çiçek and Others v. Türkiye, nos. 48694/10 and 4 others


Conviction and prison sentencing for taking part in demonstrations with clashes. Applicability and merits.

Makarashvili v. Georgia, nos. 23158/20 and 2 Others


Arrest and sanctioning for refusal to free road leading to Parliament entrances. Applicability and merits.

Bumbeș v. Romania, no. 18079/15


Activist fined for a short and peaceful gathering, without prior notice, after handcuffing, with three other persons, to a government barrier in protest against a mining project.
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