Article 14 and Article 1 of Protocol No. 12 - Prohibition of discrimination

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Valiullina and Truši v. Latvia, nos. 56928/19 and 2 others


Article 14 in conjunction with Article 2 of Protocol No. 1: legislative amendments increasing the proportion of subjects taught in the State language, that is Latvian, and thus reducing the use of Russian, as the language of instruction in public schools.
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Kovačević v. Bosnia and Herzegovina, no. 43651/22


Article 1 of Protocol No. 12: inability of the applicant, due to a combination of territorial and ethnic requirements, to vote for candidates of his choice in legislative and presidential elections.
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Semenya v. Switzerland, no. 10934/21


Article 14 in conjunction with Article 8: discrimination against a professional athlete who was required under non-State regulations to lower her natural testosterone level to compete in the women’s category in international competitions.
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