Article 14 and Article 1 of Protocol No. 12 - Prohibition of discrimination

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Executief van de Moslims van België and Others v. Belgium, nos. 16760/22 and 10 others


Article 14 in conjunction with Article 9: obligation to stun animals prior to their ritual slaughter.
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Georgian Muslim Relations and Others v. Georgia, no. 24225/19


Article 14 in conjunction with Articles 8 and 9: failure to comply with the positive obligation to provide adequate protection to individual applicants from unlawful mob action, hate speech and other discriminatory actions by private parties in the context of their being prevented from opening a Muslim boarding school.

Stott v. the United Kingdom, no. 26104/19


Article 14 in conjunction with Article 5: difference in treatment in early release eligibility between prisoners serving an extended determinate prison sentence vis-à-vis standard determinate sentence prisoners and discretionary life sentence prisoners.

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