Article 2 of Protocol No. 4 - Freedom of movement

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Dedu v. Romania (dec.), no. 56397/15


Limitation of movement imposed on a senior secret service officer following a disciplinary finding based on secret regulations.

Lypovchenko and Halabudenco v. the Republic of Moldova and Russia, nos. 40926/16 and 73942/17


Interference with the freedom to return to the "Moldovan Republic of Transnistria" (MRT) on the basis of an unlawful search-and-arrest warrant issued by a de facto "MRT" court.

Memedova and Others v. North Macedonia, nos. 42429/16 and 2 others


Refusal to allow persons of Roma ethnicity to leave Respondent State’s territory.

S.E. v. Serbia, no. 61365/16


Refusal to issue a recognised Syrian refugee a travel document for seven years due to the absence of regulations implementing domestic asylum law.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Pagerie v. France, no. 24203/16


​Preventive compulsory residence order further to terrorist attacks. Applicability and merits.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Mørck Jensen v. Denmark, no. 60785/19


Ban on entering and staying, without permission, in areas in which a terrorist organisation is a party to an ongoing armed conflict.
Judgment | Legal Summary

L.B. v. Lithuania, no. 38121/20


Refusal to issue a permanent resident an alien’s passport.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Democracy and Human Rights Resource Centre and Mustafayev v. Azerbaijan, nos. 74288/14 and 64568/16


Imposition of a travel ban in connection with an alleged tax debt, without any measures taken to collect it.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Stetsov v. Ukraine, no. 5170/15


Ban on leaving the country on account of a failure to reimburse a debt.

Georgia v. Russia (II) [GC], no. 38263/08


Rights of internally displaced persons (IDPs).
Judgment | Legal Summary

Timofeyev and Postupkin v. Russia, nos. 45431/14 and 22769/15


Administrative surveillance measures imposed for six years after the sentence had been served.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Ukraine v. Russia (re Crimea) (dec.) [GC], nos. 20958/14 and 38334/18


Alleged restrictions of freedom of movement between Crimea and mainland Ukraine and restrictions targeting Crimean Tatars.
Decision | Legal Summary

Rotaru v. the Republic of Moldova, no. 26764/12


Refusal to issue a passport on account of an unpaid debt.

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