Article 4 of Protocol No. 4 - Prohibition of collective expulsion of aliens

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S.S. and Others v. Hungary, nos. 56417/19 and 44245/20


Removal of two migrant families to the external side of the Hungarian border fence with Serbia amounting to expulsion.

A.A. and Others v. North Macedonia, nos. 55798/16 and 4 others


Migrants arriving in large groups and circumventing genuine and effective legal entry procedures.
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M.A. and Others v. Latvia (dec.), no. 25564/18


Family refused entry by border guards at a border crossing point with standardised forms. 

M.H. and Others v. Croatia, nos. 15670/18 and 43115/18


Summary return of parent and six children by Croatian police outside official border crossing.
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D.A. and Others v. Poland, no. 51246/17


Collective expulsion despite applicants’ intention to apply for international protection.

Shahzad v. Hungary, no. 12625/17


Collective nature of applicant’s removal after irregular but undisruptive entry. Applicability and merits.
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M.K. and Others v. Poland, nos. 40503/17 and 2 others


Refusal of border guards to receive asylum applications and summary removal to a third country, with a risk of refoulement to and ill-treatment in the country origin.
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Moustahi v. France, no. 9347/14


Failure to examine situation of unaccompanied minors arbitrarily associated with an unrelated adult for the purpose of removal with him.
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Asady and Others v. Slovakia, no. 24917/15


Removal to Ukraine by the Slovakian police of a group of Afghan nationals following their unauthorised crossing of the land border.

N.D. and N.T. v. Spain [GC], nos. 8675/15 and 8697/15


Immediate and forcible return of aliens from a land border, following an attempt by migrants to cross in an unauthorised manner and en masse. Applicability and merits.
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