Article 9 - Freedom of thought, conscience and religion

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Ossewaarde v. Russia, no. 27227/17


Administrative sanction of the applicant for holding Bible meetings at his home without notifying the authorities.
JudgmentLegal Summary

Tonchev and Others v. Bulgaria, no. 56862/15


Information circulated to schools by the municipal authority containing pejorative and hostile remarks about the Evangelical denomination to which the applicant associations and pastors belonged.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Ilyin and Others v. Ukraine, no. 74852/14


Refusal to register a religious community as a legal entity due to name being liable to mislead believers and the general public. 
Judgment | Legal Summary

Aygün v. Belgium, no. 28336/12


Parents prohibited from burying their sons abroad during the criminal investigation into their killing. Applicability and merits.

Loste v. France, no. 59227/12


State’s positive obligations concerning observance of religious neutrality clause by foster family.

Constantin-Lucian Spînu v. Romania, no. 29443/20


Denial of permission for prisoner to attend religious services outside prison during Covid-19 pandemic.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Abdullah Yalçın v. Turkey (No. 2), no. 34417/10


Refusal to allocate room in high-security prison to Muslim prisoner for congregational Friday prayers. Applicability and merits.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Taganrog LRO and Others v. Russia, nos. 32401/10 and 19 others


Forced dissolution of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ religious organisations and others measures.

Teliatnikov v. Lithuania, no. 51914/19


No clear alternative to military service for conscientious objectors.

Anderlecht Christian Assembly of Jehovah’s Witnesses and Others v. Belgium, no. 20165/20


Failure to grant congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses exemption from property tax.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Abdi Ibrahim v. Norway [GC], no. 15379/16


Adoption by foster parents with a religious faith different to that of a biological parent (Article 8 in light of Article 9).
Judgment | Legal Summary

Centre of Societies for Krishna Consciousness in Russia and Frolov v. Russia, no. 37477/11


Use of derogatory language and unsubstantiated allegations for describing applicant’s centre’s religious beliefs.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Corley and Others v. Russia, nos. 292/06 and 43490/06


Enforced departures of foreign missionaries connected with their religious work, with the objective of preventing the spreading of their teaching.

De Wilde v. the Netherlands (dec.), no. 9476/19


Applicability: the non-recognition of a movement as a religion at domestic level.
Decision | Legal Summary

Polat v. Austria, no. 12886/16


Post-mortem examination of a new-born, despite parents' objections on religious grounds. Applicability and merits.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Ancient Baltic religious association “Romuva” v. Lithuania, no. 48329/19


Denial of State recognition to a pagan religious association.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Vavřička and Others v. the Czech Republic [GC], nos. 47621/13 and 5 others


Applicability: parent fined and children excluded from preschool for refusal to comply with statutory child vaccination duty.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Neagu v. Romania, no. 21969/15


Obligation for prisoners to furnish documentary proof of religious conversion.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Saran v. Romania, no. 65993/16


Refusal to provide a prisoner meals compatible with the precepts of his religion.
Judgment | Legal Summary 

The Religious Denomination of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Bulgaria v. Bulgaria, no. 5301/11


Measures by municipality and court decisions preventing construction of a house of worship on its own land.

Perovy v. Russia, no. 47429/09


Mere presence of seven-year-old child at one-off short religious ceremony in municipal school, without indoctrination aims.
Judgment | Legal summary

Christian Religious Organization of Jehovah's Witnesses v. Armenia (dec.), no. 73601/14


Refusal to exempt religious organisation from taxation on regular imports of religious material.
Decision | Legal Summary

Mariș v. Romania (dec.), no. 58208/14


Refusal to rectify religion in prison file.
Decision | Legal Summary

Stavropoulos and Others v. Greece, no. 52484/18


Birth certificate revealing parents’ choice not to christen their child.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Erlich and Kastro v. Romania, nos. 23735/16 and 23740/16


Execution of a judgment recognising the right of Jewish prisoners to have kosher meals.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Korostelev v. Russia, no. 29290/10


Muslim prisoner reprimanded for performing acts of worship at night time in breach of prison schedule.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Dyagilev v. Russia, no. 49972/16


Dismissal of request for replacement of compulsory military service with its civilian alternative. Conscientious objection.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Nasirov and Others v. Azerbaijan, no. 58717/10


Measures against members of the Religious Community of Jehovah’s Witnesses for door to-door preaching and distribution of religious literature.

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