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Carême v. France (dec.) [GC], no. 7189/21


Lack of sufficient action to mitigate climate change, in particular climate change induced flooding – complaint brought by a former inhabitant and mayor of the municipality of Grande-Synthe.
Decision | Legal Summary

Duarte Agostinho and Others v. Portugal and 32 Others (dec.) [GC], no. 39371/20


Current and future severe effects of climate change, which the applicants attribute to the 33 respondent States, and which they claim impacted their lives, well-being, mental health and the peaceful enjoyment of their homes.
Decision | Legal Summary

Verein KlimaSeniorinnen Schweiz and Others v. Switzerland [GC], no. 53600/20


Lack of sufficient action to mitigate effects of climate change – complaints brought by a Swiss association of older women concerned about the consequences of global warming on their living conditions and health, as well as four individual women.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Executief van de Moslims van België and Others v. Belgium, nos. 16760/22 and 10 others


Obligation to stun animals prior to their ritual slaughter.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Eólica de S. Julião, Lda v. Portugal (dec.), no. 33545/14


Order to dismantle wind turbines due to complaints about noise by nearby residents.

Atasagün v. Türkiye (dec.), no. 24621/21


Alleged responsibility of the municipality, which granted the applicant a permission to build in a zone prone to landslides, for damage to his house due to a landslide.

Associations of Communally-owned Forestry Proprietors 'Porceni Plesa' and 'Piciorul Batran Banciu' v. Romania, nos. 46201/16 and 47379/18


Lack of compensation for forest owners in relation to their inability to exploit their forests classified as protected natural areas, despite a right recognised by law.

Erdal Muhammet Arslan and Others v. Türkiye, no. 42749/19


Effective remedy and appropriate jurisdictional response offered to the applicants in relation to the death of their relative buried under the rubble of a hotel following a destructive earthquake.

Cangı and Others v. Türkiye, no. 48173/18


Applicability of the civil limb of Article 6 to the applicants’ participation in administrative proceedings on an environmental impact assessment decision concerning the extraction of gold using cyanide leaching at a mine.

Durdaj and Others v. Albania, nos. 63543/09 and 3 others


Effectiveness of the investigation and ensuing criminal proceedings into the explosion at the Gërdec weapon decommissioning facility resulting in deaths and grievous bodily injuries.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Locascia and Others v. Italy, no. 35648/10


The protracted inability of domestic authorities to ensure the proper functioning of waste collection, treatment and disposal services and the failure to take measures in respect of environmental pollution caused by a landfill site.

Efgan Çetin and Others v. Türkiye, no. 14684/18


Inability to challenge an administrative decision not requiring the commissioning of an environmental impact assessment in respect of a geothermal plant in the vicinity of the applicants’ olive grove and residences.

Bryan and Others v. Russia, no. 22515/14


Applicants’ unacknowledged detention on board a vessel following a protest at an offshore oil drilling platform in the Pechora Sea.

Kotov and Others v. Russia, nos. 6142/18 and 14 others


Protective measures taken to reduce effects of pollution from a landfill. Applicability and merits.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Pavlov and Others v. Russia, no. 31612/09


Protective measures taken to reduce effects of pollution from a landfill. Applicability and merits.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Advisory opinion on the difference in treatment between landowners’ associations “having a recognised existence on the date of the creation of an approved municipal hunters’ association” and landowners’ associations set up after that date [GC], no. P16-2021-002


The protection of the environment is of “general interest” under the Convention.
Advisory opinion | Legal Summary 

Thibaut v. France (dec.), nos. 41892/19 and 41893/19


Effects of a planned extra-high-voltage line near the applicants’ house. 

Solyanik v. Russia, no. 47987/15


Cemetery nuisances. Applicability and merits.

Bumbeș v. Romania, no. 18079/15


Activist fined for protesting against mining of precious metals in UNESCO world heritage site.
Judgment | Legal Summary 

Traina Berto and Others v. Italy (dec.), no. 75505/12


Emergency fund and financial aid after flooding of business premises.

Yusufeli İlçesini Güzelleştirme Yaşatma Kültür Varlıklarını Koruma Derneği v. Turkey (dec.), no. 37857/14


NGOs' standing in environmental cases.

Kapa and Others v. Poland, nos. 75031/13 and 3 others


Residents disturbed by years of heavy traffic owing to motorway project.

Association BURESTOP 55 and Others v. France, nos. 56176/18 and 5 others


Environmental NGOs’ access to accurate information on environmental risks of a planned nuclear waste site and right of access to a court.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Gavrilova and Others v. Russia, no. 2625/17


Retroactive annulment of title deeds over plots of land classified as “forestry resources”.

Hudorovič and Others v. Slovenia, nos. 24816/14 and 25140/14


Allegedly insufficient measures to ensure access to safe drinking water and sanitation for Roma communities.
JudgmentLegal Summary

Çiçek and Others v. Turkey (dec.), no. 44837/07


Complaint about passive attitude of authorities regarding air pollution from industrial plant lacking substantiation of nature of emissions or applicants’ concrete suffering.
DecisionLegal Summary

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