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Domenjoud v. France, nos. 34749/16 and 79607/17


Preventive home-curfew order – issued under state-of-emergency legislation following terrorist attacks – against applicants suspected of participation in violent actions during an international summit on climate change.
Judgment | Legal Summary

al-Hawsawi v. Lithuania, no. 6383/17


Inhuman treatment and unacknowledged, incommunicado detention of a terrorist suspect during CIA extraordinary rendition operations.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Advisory opinion as to whether an individual may be denied authorisation to work as a security guard or officer on account of being close to or belonging to a religious movement [GC], no. P16-2023-001


Denial of authorisation to work as a security guard on account of being close to or belonging to a religious movement.
Advisory Opinion | Legal Summary

Internationale Humanitäre Hilfsorganisation e. V. v. Germany, no. 11214/19


Proscription of applicant association, entailing its dissolution and asset confiscation, due to considerable financial donations to charitable societies linked to the terrorist organisation Hamas.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Yüksel Yalçınkaya v. Türkiye [GC], no. 15669/20


Conviction for membership of an armed terrorist organisation based decisively on the use of an encrypted messaging application.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Pagerie v. France, no. 24203/16


​Preventive compulsory residence order further to terrorist attacks. Applicability and merits.
Judgment | Legal Summary

S.L. v. Romania (dec.), no. 52693/12


Failure by lawyer to obtain a certificate granting access to the secret documents underlying the exclusion measure issued against the applicant on the grounds of national security.
Decision | Legal Summary

Mørck Jensen v. Denmark, no. 60785/19


Conviction for entering and staying, without permission, in areas in which a terrorist organisation is a party to an ongoing armed conflict.
Judgment | Legal Summary

H.F. and Others v. France [GC], nos. 24384/19 and 44234/20


Refusal to repatriate nationals held with their children in Kurdish-run camps after the fall of “Islamic State”.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Ete v. Türkiye, no. 28154/20


Conviction for propagandising for a terrorist organisation for cutting and handing out slices of cake in celebration of PKK leader’s birthday.
Judgment | Legal Summary

W v. France, no. 1348/21


Risks surrounding expulsion order due to content of information transmitted to receiving State’s authorities.

Rouillan v. France, no. 28000/19


Prison sentence of former terrorist for praising perpetrators in the context of recent and deadly terrorist attacks.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Johansen v. Denmark (dec.), no. 27801/19


Revocation of citizenship of dual national after conviction.

Atristain Gorosabel v. Spain, no. 15508/15


Use at trial of initial confession by terrorist suspect held incommunicado and denied access to lawyer of own choice and legal-aid lawyer.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Sassi and Benchellali v. France, nos. 10917/15 and 10941/15


Statements given by applicants to French authorities on US base at Guantánamo.  
Judgment | Legal Summary

Carter v. Russia, no. 20914/07


Targeted poisoning of a political defector and dissident abroad.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Z.B. v. France, no. 46883/15


Conviction for having dressed a child with a T-Shirt glorifying terrorism.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Akgün v. Turkey, no. 19699/18


Lack of "reasonable suspicion" of membership of a terrorist organisation.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Erkizia Almandoz v. Spain, no. 5869/17


Speech during ceremony paying tribute to a member of the ETA terrorist organisation.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Big Brother Watch and Others v. the United Kingdom [GC], nos. 58170/13 and 2 others


Bulk interception of cross-border communications and receipt of intelligence from foreign intelligence services.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Centrum för rättvisa v. Sweden [GC], no. 35252/08


Bulk interception of cross-border communications.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Bişar Ayhan and Others v. Turkey, nos. 42329/11 and 47319/11


Firing of mortars by soldiers near the border at suspected terrorists who had illegally crossed over through prohibited military area.

K.I. v. France, no. 5560/19


Order for deportation to Russia of Chechen refugee, after status revoked on grounds of terrorism conviction, without fresh and up-to-date assessment of risks.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Ribcheva and Others v. Bulgaria, nos. 37801/16 and 2 others


Death of an officer of an anti-terrorist squad in the course of a police operation, by the person the squad sought to arrest, and the ensuing investigations.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Yaygin v. Turkey (dec.), no. 12254/20


Organized crime, anonymous witness and pre-trail detention.

Timofeyev and Postupkin v. Russia, nos. 45431/14 and 22769/15


Administrative surveillance for preventive purposes, after convicted persons have served their sentences.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Ayetullah Ay v. Turkey, nos. 29084/07 and 1191/08


Criminal proceedings relating to terrorism with allegations of planted evidence and other procedural shortcomings.

Muhammad and Muhammad v. Romania [GC], no. 80982/12


Expulsion of Pakistani nationals suspected of terrorism.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Karastelev and Others v. Russia, no. 16435/10


Issue of warnings, cautions and orders under “anti-extremism” legislation.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Grubnyk v. Ukraine, no. 58444/15


Law limiting courts' powers to release terrorism suspects in pre-trial detention. Delay in the drawing up of the arrest report. Arrest without a prior court decision.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Ghoumid and Others v. France, nos. 52273/16 and 4 others


Deprivation of nationality on the basis of a conviction for a terrorism offence committed over ten years earlier.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Castellani v. France, no. 43207/16


Use of force by special armed intervention police unit wearing helmets and carrying shields during arrest of suspect very early in the morning at his home.

Baş v. Turkey, no. 66448/17


Detention based on mere suspicion of membership of an illegal organisation.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Breyer v. Germany, no. 50001/12


Storage of pre-paid SIM card users’ data by telecommunications companies in the interest of national security.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Vinks and Ribicka v. Latvia, no. 28926/10


Early morning raid by anti-terrorist police unit at applicants’ home to carry out a search in the context of economic crimes.
Judgment | Legal Summary

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