Relinquishment in favour of the Grand Chamber in the case R.A. and Others v. Poland

Judges entering the ECHR Hearing room

The Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights to which the case R.A. and Others v. Poland, no. 42120/21, had been allocated has relinquished jurisdiction in favour of the Grand Chamber of the Court.

The case concerns allegations by a group of Afghan nationals of their return to Belarus, by the Polish police, after they had crossed the border, without giving them access to asylum procedures and exposing them to the risk, if returned to Afghanistan, of treatment in breach of the Convention and, if sent to Belarus, of chain refoulement. They also complain of the conditions of detention in a makeshift camp on the border between Belarus and Poland for over two months; that they were subjected to a collective expulsion; a lack of an effective remedy; and of a failure by Poland to apply the interim measures indicated by the Court.

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