Relinquishment in favour of the Grand Chamber of the cases Nealon v. the United Kingdom and Hallam v. the United Kingdom

ECHR Hearing room

The Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights to which the cases Nealon v. the United Kingdom and Hallam v. the United Kingdom (nos. 32483/19 and 35049/19) had been allocated has relinquished jurisdiction in favour of the Grand Chamber of the Court. 

The cases concern the refusal to compensate for wrongful conviction the applicants, who had their convictions quashed after being found to be unsafe following the discovery of new facts/evidence in each of their respective cases. Their applications for compensation for wrongful conviction were refused on the basis that a new or newly discovered fact did not show beyond reasonable doubt that they had not committed the offences (this being the statutory test for a "miscarriage of justice" applicable at the relevant time).

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