Article 4 - Prohibition of slavery and forced labour

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Krachunova v. Bulgaria, no. 18269/18


Domestic courts’ dismissal of the compensation claim of a trafficking victim against her trafficker in respect of lost earnings from coerced prostitution.
Judgment | Legal Summary

Dănoiu and Others v. Romania, nos. 54780/15 and 2 others


Reduction of officially appointed lawyers' fees.

G.S. v. the United Kingdom (dec.), no. 7604/19


Adult victim of trafficking unable to appeal her conviction for importing drugs.
Decision | Legal Summary

Zoletic and Others v. Azerbaijan, no. 20116/12


Migrant workers’ arguable claims of cross-border human trafficking and forced labour. Applicability and merits.
Judgment | Legal Summary

V.C.L. and A.N. v. the United Kingdom, nos. 77587/12 and 74603/12


Minors prosecuted despite credible suspicion they were trafficking victims.
Judgment | Legal Summary

S. M. v. Croatia [GC], no. 60561/14


Trafficking and exploitation for the purpose of prostitution. Applicability and merits.
Judgment | Legal Summary  

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